[How to Full of Sour Beans _ How to Marinate Sour Beans]

[How to Full of Sour Beans _ How to Marinate Sour Beans]

Sour bean is a very appetizing side dish, especially suitable for summer. It is very good for eating rice. There are also many ways to eat sour beans. You can eat it with noodles or stir-fry. The taste is very delicious.And it ‘s also very tasty.

Although sour beans are delicious, many people do not pickle them. In fact, the method of pickling sour beans is very simple. What about the quick pickling method?

Beans nutritional value: 1, rich in high-quality protein and unsaturated fatty acids, minerals and vitamins are also higher than other vegetables; 2, rich in vitamin B, vitamin C and plant protein, can make people clear and have thirstSpleen strengthening effect.

3. Vitamin C contained in long beans can penetrate into the synthesis of human antibodies, improve the antiviral effect of the human body, and prevent acute gastroenteritis.

4, has the effect of kidney, can fully guarantee the quality of sleep.

5, eating long beans can also treat vomiting, accumulation of food, snoring and other discomfort.

Preparation of pickled capers: 1 pinion of rainbow beans, 2 grams of salt, 20 grams of white vinegar, 5 peppers, 2 slices of ginger, 1 pinch of pepper. Procedures: (1) Wash and chop cowpeas for betterGround flavor, it is best to cut smaller than the picture; (2) put in a clean container (preferably a container with a package), sprinkle salt and mix well, marinate for half an hour; (3) prepare the marinade,Add the amount of peppercorns according to your own preference; (4) Put water that has never been used in the pot, add the seasoning, and add white vinegar; (5) Boil over high heat, cook for another 2 minutes, and pour on the beans while hot.Then cover the layer; (6) The next day, the beans are discolored and ready to be eaten. (If it is made in the morning, it is usually eaten in the afternoon) Benefits for women to eat beans are to help digest the B vitamins contained in the beans.Maintain normal digestive gland secretion and gastrointestinal motility, inhibit cholinease activity, help digestion, and increase appetite.

2. Relief of constipation Beans are vegetables mixed with crude fiber. Consumption by pregnant women can also promote the excretion of stool, which can effectively relieve the constipation during pregnancy.

3. Prevention of acute enteritis The vitamin C contained in beans can puncture the synthesis of antibodies in the human body, can improve the role of antibodies and viruses in the human body, and can also prevent acute gastroenteritis.

4, anti-tumor beans can contain a lot of vitamin C, can promote the synthesis of human antibodies, and can improve the body’s anti-viral function.

The seeds of bean beans can make the human body produce tumor cell antibodies and can prevent glucose from harming the human body. Therefore, eating bean beans often has a certain effect of inhibiting toxins.

5, Yiqi Shengjin, in addition to annoying and dry beans, contains plant protein and a variety of nutritional elements, can calm people’s mind, condition the digestive system, eliminate chest and chest fullness, as well as thirst and spleen, kidney and diarrhea, Yiqi ShengjinEffect.
6, Lishui swelling beans with sweet and flat taste, not only good for the spleen and stomach, but also has the effect of reducing heat and dampness, swelling and dampening the effect of swelling, beans are rich in a lot of carbohydrates and amino acids, eating beans in summer can prevent summer heatRole, and can moisturize and urinate, but also can treat diarrhea and women with excessive vaginal discharge.