[How to fry flowers is delicious?

]_How to fry_ delicious

[How to fry flowers is delicious?
]_How to fry_ delicious

The clam is a kind of seafood that is more common in our daily life. The taste of the clam is very delicious, and the nutrition in the clam is very rich. The content of protein in the clam is high, and the types of vitamins and amino acidsIt is also very rich. Eating flower clams often is very good for the human body. So how to fry flowers is delicious?

Here’s how to make the clam.

Spicy stir-fried clams are mainly flower clams, supplemented by peppers.

The first is to deal with the clam. The most important thing is to deal with its sediment.

If the sediment is not cleaned well, it will not taste delicious and will have an odor.

The most common way to deal with the sediment is to put the bought flower clam in the water and let it spit out slowly.

But this method is relatively slow, here are two fast and clean methods.

The first method is to boil with water: Boil the water and the clams together. When the water is boiling, remove the clams and rinse them back and forth with running tap water.

However, in order to ensure the freshness of the clam itself, you can filter the water that has been cooked, and then rinse the clam with this water.

The second method is to soak in warm salt water: the temperature of the water should not be too high. In fact, it is similar to the environment in which clams usually live. Pour a small amount of salt into the water.

In this way, the clam will open the shell more freely and spit mud easily.

You can also add a small amount of oil to cover the clams with oil and splash with the outside air. The robe allows the clams to breathe faster and promotes the speed of spitting.

However, pay attention to frequent water changes.

Regardless of the method used, rinse the clams after spitting.

Then, place the clams in a container of boiling water, seal them, and remove them in one to two minutes.

After the clams are processed, start frying!

The process of frying is relatively simple!

Cut the condiments into filaments, and cut the peppers into segments, which will make the spicy fried clams more beautiful.

Place the pan over medium heat, pour in vegetable oil, add seasoning, and minced garlic.

After frying for half a minute, add the peppers and stir fry a lot, and let them mix quickly to stir up their spiciness.

Then use a high fire, pour in the clams and stir fry until the shells of the clams are all open.

Finally add some coriander.

Both delicious and beautiful.

Pay attention to the spicy fried clams. Because the clams are a kind of seafood, the meat is delicious and the taste is very good.

So when cooking, don’t put MSG, and don’t put too much salt.

When eating spicy fried clams, it will be more perfect with a glass of wine!